Become a Driving Instructor

What Attracts People to Become Driving Instructors?

Most people that come into the driver trainer industry are looking for a life style change. You may have become disillusioned with your current job and would like to take more control of your life and choose the days and hours you work.

It could be that you are looking for a job that is more rewarding and will give a high level of personal and professional satisfaction.

It could be that you are at a time in your life where you are looking for a fresh start, a different career, a new challenge, and more time to spend with your family.

The huge attraction is, that with the right training, almost anyone can do this job.

So, what exactly are the benefits of becoming a Driving Instructor?

  • You get to choose the days you work
  • You get to choose your start and finish times
  • You are free to work the hours that suit your needs
  • Job satisfaction and team support
  • Teaching a life skill
  • Holidays whenever you choose
  • A brand-new car of your choice
  • Use of car for work and pleasure
  • Your car and all its running costs will be paid for by your business
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Qualifying as a Driving Instructor with Driving School Halton

If you are looking for the cheapest training course you can find, then you will not fit in with our culture. You are not just buying a training package if you join Driving School Halton – you are buying a new career, a new lifestyle and the backing of a company with years of training and development experience. We take you from prospective instructor right through to operating as a successful and profitable instructor with Driving School Halton.

Ensure maximum value for your money when you train with our very experienced trainer. All tuition is in-car and on a one-to-one basis.

Be assured of personal attention always with absolutely no car sharing. Many training companies place two or three trainees per vehicle which means you may only receive a third of your training hours on a one-to-one basis.

There are no hidden costs with Driving School Halton, we will explain costs up front and the costs of any additional training should you require any.

The level of dedication required for private practice in order to qualify through this training model should not be underestimated. In addition to the 2 hours of in-car training, you will need to spend 6-8 hours on independent study and private practice. This requirement will be thoroughly explained to you before you decide to become a trainee driving instructor.

To ensure transparency, we will keep a record of your commitment and involvement in private practice. Failure to complete the necessary private practice will result in additional costs and may delay your qualification. We take care to ensure that you fully comprehend the level of commitment needed to complete this training program and achieve success.

We guarantee a position with Driving School Halton once qualified. You will benefit from full support, and personal development when you really need it – during training and in your first year or two as an instructor.

driving school liverpool instructors lessons course manual automatic

Qualifying Tests

Part One (Theory)

You will benefit from plenty of help during study for the part one test. You receive guidance and support on the part one study guide and recommended books. In-car training will bring the theory to life. Cutting corners at this stage could lead to problems during part three. Many trainees simply practice answering questions. A detailed knowledge of the theory is essential for a successful career as an instructor.

Part Two (Driving)

For part two, you benefit from 12 hours of in-car tuition which will place you in the top 1% of drivers in the country. You may have a lot of driving experience but probably have developed some incorrect driving habits. Driving techniques have changed a lot over the years and so you will need to be brought up-to-date.

Part Three (Instructing)

You’ll benefit from extensive instructor training (40 hours). This is where one-to-one training really makes a difference. Sharing a car with other trainees is not a smart move. You would be diluting your training experience rather than maximising your time. You need, and will receive, our full attention.

Working as an Instructor with Driving School Halton

Once qualified, you will have the opportunity to become a key member of our team.

You will benefit from extensive personal development on an individual basis and from our regular training events. Most driving schools will take your franchise fee each month without offering you any type of development training – a recipe for disaster. Personal development is key to your success in this industry.

You choose when to change your car and which car to teach in. We can offer you lots of advice from our years of experience – you choose which option suits your individual circumstances and finances – but you can benefit from a brand-new car of your choice every 12 months and make MOTs a thing of the past. Concentrate on training your existing students, whilst we recruit your new pupils. You manage your own diary. We fill the training slots you make available to us.

driving school liverpool instructors lessons course manual automatic

Approved Driving Instructor Training Course

You can start applying to become an approved driving instructor (ADI).


  1. Get a criminal record check for driving instructors
  2. Apply to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to start the process
  3. Take and pass the three qualifying tests
  4. Apply for your first ADI badge

Disclosure and Barring Service

You need to get a criminal record check from the DVSA. This can be done online. This service is free.

Apply to the DVSA

When you have your criminal record disclosure, you can apply to become an ADI.

You can also read DVSA’s guide to the ADI register.

Driving School Halton – Approved Driving Instructor Training Programme

What’s included and Fees

Part One (Theory)

  • 2 hours’ driver training (1:1)
  • 3 hours’ instructor training (1:1)
  • 1-hour hazard perception / theory training
  • Part One Study Guide and six DVSA recommended books
  • Theory Test Pro online software

Part Two (Driving)

  • 12 hours’ driver training (1:1)
  • Driver Training Workbook

Part Three (Instructing)

  • 40 hours’ instructor training (1:1)
  • Instructor Training Workbook
  • Lesson plans / visual aids book

Once the above training has been completed, you will start to work for DSW on a temporary trainee licence (for 6 months) to gain real life experience with pupils.

The cost of the trainee licence is £140 payable to DVSA.

You must complete an extra 20 hours of instructor training during the first three months of the licence. You will be earning whilst you are on the licence.

Save up to 15%!

Working in partnership with Go Green Driving Instructor training we can reduce training material / support costs by 15%!

Contact us directly and we can arrange for the discount to be applied.

Staged Payments

Part One*2 x £500
Part One exam**£81
Part Two**1 x £780
Part Two exam£111
Portal Registration & Access*£600
Part Three**4 x £650
Part Three exam£111
ADI Registration (Upon qualifying)**£300

* to be paid with part two
**payable to DVSA

Trainee Licence

Trainee Licence*£140
20 hours training2 x £650

Tailored 1-to-1 Development Sessions – short-term
Paid weekly up to 7 days before the agreed session – £140 for 2 hours
Discounted to £130 per session for a block booking of 5 x 2 hour sessions – £650 in total

2 hour sessions typically equal to 1hr 30mins in car and 30 post lesson briefing
10% premium for unsociable hours, which is after 4pm, weekends and bank holidays.

Once you have made your decision to start training with us we can start straight away.


Once you have made the decision to train with us, we can get started right away. It’s important to understand that qualifying through this training model requires a significant level of dedication, particularly when it comes to private practice. In addition to the 2 hours of in-car training, you’ll need to dedicate 6-8 hours to independent study and private practice. We’ll explain this requirement in detail before you commit to becoming a trainee driving instructor.

We want to ensure complete transparency, so we’ll document your level of commitment and participation in private practice. Not completing the necessary private practice will result in additional costs and may delay your qualification. We take great care to ensure that you fully understand the level of commitment required to successfully complete this training program.

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